TWIN LOVELY INFO: Facial Treatment Set (Miracle Night Repair) contains 3 items and all items MUST be used together to get the result. Loose item from the set hanya dijual berasingan jika salah satu item telah habis digunakan.

TWIN LOVELY TIPS: Makeup removal is the most important part of the grooming routine for every woman, and keeping the skin clean is the first step towards skin care. You may use cleansing milk or any makeup remover before cleansing your face with the facial wash/facial soap. The purpose of this is to dissolve the makeup. It is recommended to wipe off the cleansing milk/makeup remover using damp cloth or cotton wool. Make sure you remove your makeup well so that you can prevent acne, blocked pores & facial rashes.

TWIN LOVELY FAQs: Kenapa warna Beauty Soap berubah-ubah? JAWAPAN: Warna Beauty Soap berubah-ubah sama ada kuning cair, kuning kemerahan, kuning gelap atau kehitaman bergantung kepada warna madu kelulut yang digunakan. Warna madu pula bergantung kpd jenis bunga (sumber nektar tumbuhan di sekelilingnya) dan kematangan madu ketika madu dikutip. Walaupun warna berubah, fungsi & keberkesanannya tetap sama.

TWIN LOVELY TIPS : If u have under-eye bags, gently apply extra Twin1 of Facial Treatmet Set to the affected areas. Use Twin2 of the set for dark circle eyes instead.

TWIN LOVELY INFO : Beauty Cream, which contains anti acne & anti aging agents, is applied to ur skin as to replace the use of foundation/ compact power. It will enhance the shining effect on your skin. The more u sweat, the more ur skin will get shinier. If u wish to repair ur skin regardless any skin problem u're facing or no problem at all, then it is advisable to purchase our main product FACIAL TREATMENT SET (MIRACLE NIGHT REPAIR) RM198. This set has 3 items which u have to apply at night. Trust me, it will do what it says. TWIN Lovely ...define the most beautiful you!

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